Congratulations to Maggie’s Farm Rum Distillery in the Strip District for making the Nov. 15 issue of Wine Spectator. It is one of six artisanal distilleries recognized as “among the most distinctive and exciting producers” among the 750+ small distillers operating in the United States today.

TimRussellMaggiesFarmRotatorMaggie’s Farm (also known as Allegheny Distilling) is Pennsylvania’s first producer of a commercially-available craft rum dating back to Prohibition. All products are distilled from scratch on the Spanish-made copper still just behind its cocktail bar on Smallman and 31st Street. Maggie’s Farm aims for smooth yet full-bodied spirit.

“Founder Tim Russell’s approach to distillation is: by hand, by ear, by nose, by palate, on that simple still,” the article notes. “Russell says, ‘That’s part of what “craft” is. Rather than pressing buttons and looking at what an LCD screen tells me, I know what the temperature is. I know what the proof is. I know how the distillate tastes. That’s how I learned to distill.’ ”

Check out the Nov. 15 issue on newsstands now, or stop by Maggie’s Farm in person to taste the rum during its limited cocktail hours on Friday or Saturdays. Bottle sales are Wednesdays through Sundays.