As the second-largest proven natural gas reserve in the world, the Marcellus Shale offers unique opportunities for economic growth in the greater Pittsburgh region.

The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance wants to both help local businesses tap into these economic opportunities and attract investment into the region and its energy supply chain.  The PRA commissioned Taimerica Management Co., an economic development firm with experience in studying how “clusters” of business can grow around strategic locations, to study the opportunities and challenges.

Taimerica analysts Ed Bee and Charlotte Baton presented early findings from their study, including an assessment of the region’s competitive position for shale gas supply chain opportunities, the community and site prep requirements related to those opportunities, and identified seven areas of the natural gas supply chain that the region is uniquely positioned to leverage for economic growth.


Consultants Ed Bee and Charlotte Baton discuss regional supply chain opportunities and the importance of training programs like ShaleNET to develop a skilled workforce.

Natural gas isn’t just about heating homes or running power plants. The Marcellus Shale boom has opened opportunities to innovate new uses such as “clean diesel” and fuel cells to power electronics.