Again and again, Neighbors who have chosen Pittsburgh over larger cities tell us: Here you can make a difference.

HannaBrosIPFeatureNative Pittsburghers Freddy and Jimmy Hanna agree. These local lads, ages 10 and 11, have launched an online campaign to bring an NBA team to the region. To draw attention to their dream, they have raised $2,000 to put up two billboards, and plan to tie their campaign to this year’s celebrations around the 200th anniversary of the city’s incorporation.

They have a team in mind, by the way. In a powerpoint presentation, the boys note that the Minnesota Timberwolves, if relocated to southwestern PA, would encounter “the world’s greatest sports fans” (backed up by figures asserting that average attendance at our pro baseball, football and hockey games exceeds that of Minneapolis). While the fellows often persuade their parents to drive them to Cleveland for Cavaliers’ games, it can be problematic. “We got home at 1 a.m. on a school night once!”

Learn more about the Hannas’ dream here.

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