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Did you know that there are good-paying jobs available all over southwestern Pennsylvania for women and men willing to be trained — for free — while they work?

The unions representing iron workers, electricians, heavy-equipment operators and sheet-metal workers (those who build and install heating and cooling ductwork) are in great need of people who to construct the iconic buildings and vital infrastructure of Pittsburgh, present and future.

Not only is training free, you can earn-while-you-learn through paid apprenticeships as you shadow veteran workers (journeymen) who will help to learn the trade. Once you attain journeymen status, you will be eligible for pay raises and benefits such as paid sick leave, vacation time, healthcare insurance and more.

If college isn’t for you, or if you’re a mid-career person ready to transition into a job with better career prospects, then click here to check out the free training and career assistance of the building trades. 

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You can also check out this video to hear directly from iron workers, electricians, operators and sheet-metal workers about their jobs.