Bayer's EV charging station at its North American headquarters in Pittsburgh

Employees of Bayer Corporation in Pittsburgh now have further incentive to take a look at the Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf when shopping for a new car. That’s because the global materials science company has installed an electric vehicle (EV) charging station at its North American headquarters in Robinson Township, and use of it is free to all employees.

Bayer’s EV charging station is now one of only eight within a 100-mile radius of Pittsburgh, but that number is about to grow. The “Energy 376 Corridor,” a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection funded project, will create a corridor of 45 EV charging stations – one of the nation’s largest – along Interstate 376. Part of the corridor, Bayer’s EV charging station will promote electric vehicle ownership while underscoring the company’s commitment to sustainability in all forms.

Located next to its net-zero energy EcoCommercial Building, Bayer’s EV charging station is the latest in the company’s planned $17 million investment to create what’s been dubbed a “Workspace of the Future.”  This project, with a planned June 2013 completion, will sustainably renovate several of Bayer’s buildings, creating a more friendly and collaborative environment for employees.

To learn more about the “Energy 376 Corridor” project, check out Bill Flanagan’s Our Region’s Business interview with Jan Lauer of Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities and Eaton Corp.’s Dan Carnovale. Both represent two of the 19 local organizations and companies that brought this ambitious project to fruition.