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Will Bernstein Will Bernstein is a senior policy analyst at the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and chairs the Conference’s office sustainability committee.
Will Bernstein
The Green Workforce Challenge is an initiative of Sustainable Pittsburgh.
The Green Workforce Challenge is an initiative of Sustainable Pittsburgh.

The Green Workplace Challenge is a great way to energize office workers throughout the Pittsburgh region to explore ways to minimize our impact on our environment. The challenge is a 12-month competition for organizations to track and measure their improvements in their use of energy, water, waste and transportation. Last year’s participants netted $4.2 million by saving enough energy to power nearly 6,000 average U.S. homes for a year, and enough water to fill Heinz Field 13 feet deep.

In this second year, the challenge has been expanded beyond businesses to allow non-profits, municipalities and higher education institutions to participate as well. It’s a wonderful opportunity for all workplaces in southwestern Pennsylvania to implement best practices to improve energy and water consumption, reduce waste and focus on more sustainable forms of transportation.

Here at the Allegheny Conference, we have already made the transition from disposable plates and cutlery and bottled water, and instead provide staff and visitors with plates, silverware and glasses that are washed in our office dishwashers. This year we hope to continue our efforts at becoming a greener workplace by increasing our recycling and reducing paper usage – something that’s a benefit to our environment, and also saves money. We are also proud to work in a building – 11 Stanwix St., owned by GLL Real Estate and managed by CBRE – that is working every day to improve energy efficiency and reduce water consumption. CBRE has applied to the U.S. Green Building Council for LEED-Existing Building status for our 44-year-old structure, also known as the former Westinghouse headquarters.

With the Green Workplace Challenge, individuals in working in buildings all over the Pittsburgh region have a chance to strengthen our region’s reputation as a leader in green practices and innovation.

if saving money and gaining public accolades for your organization’s green achievements wasn’t enough, sign up today for the Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge (GWC) to be eligible to win prizes that not only benefit your organization/municipality but also get you ahead of the competition.

All Green Workplace Challenge participants signing up by July 31 are entered into a drawing to win a combination of the following , valued in total at approximately $1,500:

  • Energy Audit
  • Waste, Recycling, Green Procurement assessment via Pennsylvania Resources Council
  • ZipCar credit account
  • Green Energy Voucher via Community Energy
  • Bicycles for a shared office bike program