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Robert Littles

Director of Projects
Rolls Royce

Robert LittlesRobert LittlesRobert LittlesRobert Littles


  • Name: Robert Littles
  • Where I'm From: Philadelphia, PA
  • Where I Live: Clinton, PA
  • Education:
    University of Pennsylvania, MSE in Management of Technology, Wharton Business School, MBA, Cabrini University, B.S. in Organizational Management, Drexel University, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Company:
    Rolls Royce

“Knowledge, information and foresight are so critical to making good decisions and we have a lot of smart, innovative people and great resources coalescing here in Pittsburgh.”

With over 30 years of experience in Strategic Planning, Energy, IT, Manufacturing, Program Management and Supply Chain Management, Robert Littles is a certified jack of all trades. Growing up in Philadelphia and earning several degrees at local universities, including a dual Wharton Business School and Engineering MSE from the University of Pennsylvania, it seemed unlikely he would pack up and move his family west to Pittsburgh, but here they are: and loving it. A self-proclaimed “life-long learner,” Robert recognized the need to continue to improve his skills and be nimble in order to respond to the market and its rapidly changing demands: “Engineering was a great place to start, but over time, having business and technology degrees opened a host of new career opportunities for me.” Robert is currently attending Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business ‘Executive Leadership Academy, Advanced Leadership Initiative’ program.

After working with several utility companies and performing a wide range of consulting roles that supported change management in energy, nuclear power, software development, and supply chain companies, Robert wanted to get more engaged in working in a global environment. The international footprint of Rolls-Royce was a natural next step in his career and as the Director of Projects in Nuclear Engineering Services, Robert is able to use cutting edge technology on a daily basis. “Rolls-Royce is an exciting place to work because we leverage engineering, software and data analytics to create new streamlined processes, services and products that align with an ever-changing industry on a global scale.” Working internationally, Robert has the privilege of leading diverse teams and developing effective solutions for customers, coordinated from the Pittsburgh office.

In support of the local community, Robert is the President of the Pittsburgh Chapter American Association of Blacks in Energy AABE is dedicated to engaging African Americans and other minorities in discussions and developments of energy policies, regulations, R&D technologies, and environmental issues. AABE also sponsors community events, and locally partners with The Energy Innovation Center, Vibrant Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Technology Council, Shell, EQT, and The Will Allen Foundation to name a few.

When he’s not innovating at work, Robert enjoys spending time with his wife, a U.S. Army Veteran and Penn State Alumni, and their two young teenagers. “It was easy for us to plug into Pittsburgh as a family and our kids are thriving. My son recently placed 1st in the Air Force Association cyber security challenge and my daughter has won several national scholastic awards for her artwork. It really all came together when we moved to Pittsburgh.” The family also enjoys spending time hiking and biking and some of their favorite spots are Point State Park, the Pitt and CMU campuses and surrounding trails, and Settlers Ridge Park. They enjoy Little Asia in Oakland, Altius on Mount Washington for special occasions, and weekend trips to Janoski’s Farmers Market in Clinton near their home and the Strip District downtown for local produce and goods.

“People are very proud and very simplistic in their way of living in Pittsburgh – they just want to enjoy life. And the people make this city what it is, down to earth and welcoming pretty much anywhere you go.” Home