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Nuno Ferreira

Application Engineer, Power Generation
Elliott Group

Nuno FerreiraNuno FerreiraNuno FerreiraNuno FerreiraNuno FerreiraNuno Ferreira


  • Name: Nuno Ferreira
  • Where I'm From: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Where I Live: Monroeville
  • Education:
    Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (Institute of Superior Engineering in Lisbon), B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
  • Company:
    Elliott Group

“People here are friendly and generous as soon as you meet them.”

Nuno Ferriera has been struck by the immediate generosity of spirit he’s experienced in the U.S. Shortly after moving here in 2013, and with a passion for basketball, he took a road trip to Indianapolis to be closer to the action of the NCAA Final Four. He was watching with other fans at local bar when a guy walked over and gave him a ticket to see the game courtside, after the original ticketholder had a family emergency and couldn’t attended.

Back in the Pittsburgh region, he responded to a classified ad for a motorcycle, the cycle owner and his wife invited Nuno in for iced tea, and then a pool party with their family. “I had never even met any of these people and they were just so friendly.”

Nuno came to the U.S. with Elliott Group from its operations in the U.K. An experienced engineer and manager, he was asked to lead a team that selects equipment for Elliott’s steam turbine-generators used in industries worldwide. The company’s equipment can turn an industrial plant’s biomass waste into energy.

Nuno says he’s a “food addict” and often gets his fix at an area Mad Mex or Fatheads in the South Side, due to the large amount of food mounded on plates there.

His own generosity of spirit shows with his community involvement. As a lifelong soccer player, he responded to a co-worker who needed help coaching an under-12 youth soccer team in Hempfield. “It is amazing to see the development of the kids over the season.” He's been impressed by the investment in sports facilities in the U.S. and this region, such as the Turner Valley Sports Complex in North Huntingdon, Westmoreland County. “I’ve been playing since I was four years old but that is the first time I’ve played on the lawn.”

The outdoor environment is a huge draw for Nuno, especially now that he can ride his motorcycle to work along the winding roads in Westmoreland County. “Everything is so green here, and it’s interesting to see deer walking around.” Nearby Ohiopyle is also a favorite for its trails and the Youghiogheny River.

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