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Nevena Staresinic

Owner - Founder
Moderna Relocation

Nevena StaresinicNevena StaresinicNevena StaresinicNevena StaresinicNevena StaresinicNevena StaresinicNevena Staresinic


  • Name: Nevena Staresinic
  • Where I'm From: Belgrade, Serbia
  • Where I Live: Highland Park
  • Education:
    University of Belgrade, History of Art
  • Company:
    Moderna Relocation

"Everyone needs a little human touch, especially in the first year of relocating."

As someone who has lived on four continents, operated relocation and real estate businesses for global companies and travelled extensively, Nevena Staresinic knows first hand that it isn’t always easy to plug into a new community and make it feel like home. That’s precisely why she created Moderna Relocation after relocating with her family to Pittsburgh from Zimbabwe in 2012. 

Moderna relocates talent to the Pittsburgh region with city orientation tours, settling-in assistance and real estate services. Executives, corporate and university employees, and their families find neighborhoods, schools and homes that suit their lifestyle and commute preferences. In addition, Moderna partners with lenders that offer closing incentives and low mortgage down payments, even for expatriates, to help make relocation as seamless as possible.

As a newcomer to Pittsburgh, Nevena pursued multiple opportunities to connect, including through her children’s schools, business networking groups, Highland Park wine tastings and bicycling around the city. Nevena enjoys sharing tips for successful relocation and creating intentional, thoughtful ways for people to meet and feel like a part of the community. She also loves to see accompanying spouses and partners thrive in their new space: “Everyone relocating is going through an emotional rollercoaster to some degree. I help them cope with it, but I also provide tangible resources and make introductions to connect them into the community. I encourage newcomers to be proactive and create a support network with people in the same boat, to invite locals to their home, or go out and explore the city.”

Nevena is an ambassador for Internations in Pittsburgh - an expatriate and global-minded community that meets monthly and separately supports a women-only group for newcomers. She co-hosts quarterly Professional Happy Hours for diverse talent with Vibrant Pittsburgh, is a GlobalPittsburgh Immigrant Entrepreneur Committee member, and is the vice president of the Greater Pittsburgh Relocation Council -- a group dedicated to promoting professional standards. She also participates inDine-Arounds” with NEXTPittsburgh where Pittsburghers host newcomers for dinner in their homes

Nevena likes places in the city where cultures are shared and received. A few favorites are The Ace Hotel in East Liberty, City of Asylum on the North Side, Park Bruges in Highland Park, Eleven in the Strip District, and Jozsa Corner that reminds her of home. She loves finding live blues, jazz, and house music around the city and frequents Andy’s in the Fairmont Hotel, Moondogs (because every great city has great dive bars!), and Brillobox for alternative music performances.

“Pittsburgh is a comeback city, with room for all of us. Find your niche. Start your great idea. Come join us!”

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