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Nevena Staresinic

Owner - Founder
Moderna Relocations

Nevena StaresinicNevena StaresinicNevena StaresinicNevena StaresinicNevena StaresinicNevena Staresinic


  • Name: Nevena Staresinic
  • Where I'm From: Belgrade, Serbia
  • Where I Live: Highland Park
  • Education:
    University of Belgrade, History of Art
  • Company:
    Moderna Relocations

"Everyone needs a little human touch, especially in the first year of relocating."

As someone who has lived on four continents, operated relocation businesses for global companies and travelled extensively with her husband who served in a diplomatic role with USAID, Nevena Staresinic knows firsthand that it isn’t always easy to connect into a new community and make it feel like home. That’s precisely why she created Moderna Relocations, after relocating to Pittsburgh from Zimbabwe with her family in 2012.

Moderna’s clients are primarily global companies whose relocating employees and families need help with making the transition into the community here, beyond housing and schools. Families moving from another country or city need insights and tips into adapting to American culture or Pittsburgh lifestyle. She helps them plan their landing ahead of their move. “Everything in U.S. cities seems to be organized by groups that you need to join, rather than just one-on-one, personal interactions. I explain to clients that they need to make the first effort by inviting a Pittsburgher to coffee.” 

For her own Pittsburgh integration, Nevena has pursued multiple opportunities to connect, including through her two children’s schools, skiing at Seven Springs and bicycling around the city. She created the Buddy Program and Expat Women Network, and is also active with expatriates in "InterNations" that meets monthly, neighborhood wine tastings in Highland Park, various business networking groups and the Vibrant Pittsburgh ”Dine-Arounds” in which groups of newcomers are invited to dinner at the homes of Pittsburgh hosts.  

Nevena loves sophisticated urban places and taking in live jazz performances around the region, particularly at Andy’s in the Fairmont, downtown.

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