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Mike Cummins

Senior Consultant and Team Leader

Mike CumminsMike CumminsMike CumminsMike CumminsMike CumminsMike Cummins


  • Name: Mike Cummins
  • Where I'm From: North Hills
  • Where I Live: Upper St. Clair
  • Education:
    Saint Francis University (Cambria County), B.S. in Human Resource Management
  • Company:

"In Pittsburgh, you can expose your kids to so many great opportunities, all within easy reach."

While traveling the world early in his career with DDI andliving in Detroit to service a few key accounts, Mike Cummins was enjoying an exciting life with his wife, Lyn, who also works for DDI. Once they became parents, though, they yearned for their families to be able to share time more regularly with their young son. A company move relocated them back to Pittsburgh, and now they believe they’ve got the best of both worlds in their old hometown.

But they see Pittsburgh a bit differently as boomerangers and parents. “There are so many new restaurants popping up everywhere. It’s great to try them out.” One of them, the Rumfish Grille, opened next to DDI’s Bridgeville location and, to Mike’s surprise, is owned by a childhood friend. “It’s great to reconnect with him and go to his new restaurant. It has an open kitchen and a huge outdoor patio with live entertainment.” He also likes The GoldenPig, a quaint Korean restaurant in Cecil that features “crazy-good and authentic Korean food; the owner is the cook, the server and the cashier.” 

Closer to the city, Mike and family enjoy Saturday mornings in The Strip, especially the taco stand at Reyna's, the fresh, handmade sopressata at Parma Sausage Company, and specialty meats and cheeses at Pennsylvania Macaroni, a purveyor that harks back to Mike’s teenage years working in a North Side pizza shop when he frequently was sent to Penn Mac (as it’s known to regulars) to buy cheese and sausage.

As a family, Mike, Lyn and son Beck enjoy such amenities as The Children’s Museumand the Carnegie Science Center, and Lyn and Beck have taken field trips to Meadowcroft Village, a recreated 19th–century village complete with yarn spinning andtaffy pulls. Beck now plays in a T-ball league and his activities have expanded their ownnetworks. “Once you have a child, you start to connect to all of the otherparents too.”

Their commute is just a 15-minute drive from their home in suburbanUpper St. Clair to DDI headquarters in Bridgeville where Mike over sees a team that helps companies develop best practices in training and career developmentfor their employees. On Sunday mornings, Mike joins other DDI employees on their softball team, "Sparks," as part of a league competing against other companies, restaurants and bars. 

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