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Melisa Chipangila Campbell

Head of Marketing, Fiduciary Solutions
BNY Mellon

Melisa Chipangila CampbellMelisa Chipangila CampbellMelisa Chipangila CampbellMelisa Chipangila CampbellMelisa Chipangila CampbellMelisa Chipangila CampbellMelisa Chipangila CampbellMelisa Chipangila CampbellMelisa Chipangila CampbellMelisa Chipangila CampbellMelisa Chipangila Campbell


  • Name: Melisa Chipangila Campbell
  • Where I'm From: Chingola, Zambia
  • Where I Live: North Huntingdon, Westmoreland County
  • Education:
    Point Park University, MBA, International Business; B.S. Economics and Finance
  • Company:
    BNY Mellon

“Pittsburgh has become home. There’s a sense of comfort and communal spirit here.”

Sparked by the desire to study abroad, 11 years ago Melisa Campbell journeyed to Pittsburgh from her hometown of Chingola, a picturesque copper-mining city in the southern African nation of Zambia. Although family ties to the city – a cousin was here studying at Point Park University – and an academic scholarship led her to chose Pittsburgh over studies in Australia, it was Point Park's small class sizes and urban location that ultimately persuaded Melisa to stay.

“Pittsburgh is a wonderful city and quite livable’s become home. I no longer feel like a foreigner. There is a sense of comfort and communal spirit here that I’d love to share with everyone."

Melisa worked at Duquesne University in higher administration and in wealth management for Morgan Stanley upon completion of her Masters in International Business until a networking opportunity led her to discover BNY Mellon, where she currently works as a project management administrator. BNY Mellon was the perfect fit for her passion to work in finance on a global scale. She loves that the firm has a large presence in Pittsburgh yet operates within and is impacting the global economy and that they cover a range of finance beyond just wealth management.  

Her day is usually consumed by “projects, projects and more projects,” working closely with managers and directors as she manages implementation and delivery of various global initiatives. When not at her desk, Melisa is either pursuing professional development and networking opportunities via BNY Mellon’s women and minority affinity groups, helping to empower women via the Young Leaders Board at the YWCA and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s global women’s empowerment group, or talking with colleagues about global events, Pittsburgh and the region's bright prospects.

“These experiences are very rewarding: not only am I helping individuals like myself, but I am also able to advance my career by gaining experiences and skills beyond my desk.”

Living with her husband in North Huntingdon, Westmoreland County, Melisa enjoys the balance of city and suburban life. The couple often make the quick 35-minute drive into the city to meet friends over meals at her favorite restaurants (she recommends the Commoner in the boutique Hotel Monaco for its “Manhattan/NY plush style” foods and the element of surprise in their ever-changing menu) and attend such global events and seasonal festivals as the Three Rivers Arts Festival and Picklesburg. “There is always something to do.” Other times, she basks in the tranquility of her woodsy backyard, enjoying the sights and sounds of wildlife at play. 

Her advice to newcomers and those looking to navigate Pittsburgh?

“Get out of the house ... walk around, get familiar with Pittsburgh’s culture and what it has to offer across all neighborhoods.” 

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