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Megan Worbs

Equal Opportunity Services Projects Coordinator
Carnegie Mellon University

Megan WorbsMegan WorbsMegan Worbs


  • Name: Megan Worbs
  • Where I'm From: Dearborn, Mich.
  • Where I Live: Shadyside
  • Education:
    University of Pittsburgh, B.S. Business Administration
  • Company:
    Carnegie Mellon University

“When you emerge from the Fort Pitt Tunnel and are hit with the downtown skyline, the scene is majestic.”

It almost seemed inevitable that Megan Worbs would end up in Pittsburgh. The only question was which university. Megan’s mother grew up in Lawrenceville, and Megan remembers family trips here as a young girl. Both of her parents and a sister graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. That sister worked at CMU before joining Google in New York, and another attends the University of Pittsburgh. As for Megan—she chose Pitt for her studies and now works at CMU—in human resources and formerly as a cheerleader coach. She recently moved to Shadyside after living with a sister in Lawrenceville.

Those family ties to the city and universities have deepened. In fact, Megan’s parents, who now live in New Jersey, spend their holidays here, and Megan is not surprised. “Lawrenceville has really come into its own. My mother is continually amazed at the transformation compared to how it was when she grew up here.”  

Megan has immersed herself in the larger community, as president of the Young Alumni Council at Pitt, annual appeal chair of the Junior League of Pittsburgh and as a board member of Life Transitions Plus and its subsidiary, the Alberts Foundation. Both help individuals with mental or intellectual disabilities transition into living in the community.
At CMU, Megan's department manages equal opportunity compliance for faculty, staff and students, and coordinates disability resources for students such as door operators or extra time or assistance with test taking.

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