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Megan O’Donnell

Stitch Fix


  • Name: Megan O’Donnell
  • Where I'm From: Monroeville
  • Where I Live: Mars, Butler County
  • Education:
    Allegheny College, B.A. in English; Carnegie Mellon University, Heinz College, Master of Public Management
  • Company:
    Stitch Fix

"Pittsburgh is a food destination with great chefs."

After completely gutting and remodeling an old Federalist style house in Shadyside several years ago, Megan O’Donnell and her husband Ken Gavrity ended up moving to Cleveland when he was recruited for an executive position with a bank there. Their Shadyside house sold at a profit almost instantly and the couple moved to Cleveland. Five years and one child later, Megan accepted a position at the University of Pittsburgh, and the family moved to Mars in Butler County, but her husband kept his job in Cleveland. She has since pursued her passion for fashion, becoming a stylist for the Stitch Fix, an online service that ships five-piece outfits to women chosen, Pandora-style, based on a profile customers create.

Both Megan and Kevin felt Pittsburgh was the right place to build a family. “It would have been easier to stay in Cleveland, but we enjoy Pittsburgh that much. It’s worth it.” Among other positives, Megan remembers big dinners with extended family in the South Hills of Pittsburgh as a child and they wanted their son to have that same experience growing up with family nearby.

Megan is an avid runner, in marathons and shorter distance runs, such as 10Ks. “I enjoy finding trails with friends here,” she says, noting North Park’s five-mile loop is a favorite. Megan and Ken play golf and tennis together and like that there are good public courts and courses available, including the Oxford Athletic Club in Wexford and Cranberry Highlands. “Our lives are dictated by schedules with our commutes and our son, so we like being able to walk onto a course or get a court time at the last minute.”

As a family, Megan, Ken and their son Max, enjoy the outdoors and also all of the new restaurants in the region. “Pittsburgh has really grown as a food destination and great chefs are returning here to open their own restaurants,” she says citing the relatively new Butcher in the Rye downtown, Cure in Lawrenceville, and a Kickstarter-funded Superior Motors, establishing a farm ecosystem, soon to open in Braddock. With their young son in tow, they and a group of friends with kids enjoyed brunch at Meat and Potatoes downtown before heading to a recent Steelers game.

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