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Katrina Brantley

Assistant Operations Counsel

Katrina BrantleyKatrina BrantleyKatrina Brantley


  • Name: Katrina Brantley
  • Where I'm From: Chester, Va.
  • Where I Live: Deutschtown
  • Education:
    The College of William and Mary, Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting;
    Duquesne University School of Law, J.D.
  • Company:

We have our family, and we have our Pittsburgh family—new friends who are also transplants and make it feel like home here.

Katrina Brantley wasn’t immediately sold on Pittsburgh when she finished law school at Duquesne University. Her family and roots were in Virginia, and she thought there might be better career opportunities there and near Washington, D.C. But as she has moved from student to attorney,  married and moved into the historic Deutschtown neighborhood, she’s become a believer -- in Pittsburgh, its career opportunities, and a sense of family here.  

She is corporate counsel for ServiceLink, a Black Knight company, a national provider of transaction services to the mortgage and finance industries. She provides counsel and advice on contract, compliance and corporate legal matters.

With her husband Bryan, also an attorney, she has formed new circles of friends, many of them transplants to the region, who she considers to be part of her ”Pittsburgh family.“ Their neighborhood is convenient to downtown, favorite restaurants, groceries and dry cleaning — all within walking distance.

Along with appreciating the walkability of Deutschtown, Katrina and Bryan enjoy biking the trails in North Park and the “Jail Trail,” the Eliza Furnace section of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail that passes alongside the Allegheny County Jail, Downtown. 

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