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Kate StoltzfusKate StoltzfusKate StoltzfusKate StoltzfusKate StoltzfusKate Stoltzfus


  • Name: Kate Stoltzfus
  • Where I'm From: Goshen, Ind.
  • Where I Live: Garfield
  • Education:
    Goshen College, B.A. in Fine Arts, minor in Business
  • Company:

I’ve always felt welcomed here. It’s a super-friendly culture.

When she graduated from college in 2005, Kate Stoltzfus packed up her Honda and moved to Pittsburgh to be with her boyfriend (now husband), who was in graduate school here. She hasn’t stopped moving ever since, figuratively and literally.  

She’s a runner, participating in relays and the annual Pittsburgh Marathon.

She’s on a mission to meet, interview and write about 100 Pittsburghers, and is curating these stories, along with shout-outs to fun and interesting places in Pittsburgh, on her website, Yinzpiration.

She’s a digital strategist at Plumb Media, a website design firm in Garfield and the self-described “co-pilot” of Propelle, a collective of women helping other women launch ideas and businesses.

She’s also the local organizer of CreativeMornings/Pittsburgh, a global group of creative people getting together for breakfast and idea exchange every month. On that endeavor, Kate secured a grant from The Sprout Fund to launch the chapter here.  

“To me, Pittsburgh was a big city. I thought it would take forever to get to know people. But in a couple of weeks, I started meeting people and even began recognizing people in the grocery store. That’s what happens when you have all these little neighborhoods.”

Kate has worked at Ambiance Boutique, a consignment social venture owned by Bethlehem Haven Women's Shelter as part of PULSE, a year-long service program for recent college grads. Today, she serves on the board of PULSE, and has helped the organization grow, fueled in part with several fellow Goshen College alumni.

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