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Jessica Tonti

Team Member Communications & Recognition Specialist
Giant Eagle

Jessica TontiJessica TontiJessica TontiJessica TontiJessica TontiJessica TontiJessica TontiJessica Tonti


  • Name: Jessica Tonti
  • Where I'm From: Aspinwall
  • Where I Live: Shadyside
  • Education:
    University of Pittsburgh, B.A. in English Writing, Certificate in Children’s Literature
  • Company:
    Giant Eagle

“Each neighborhood has its own unique style and you can definitely find one that fits you.”

In her position focused on recognizing employees for their good work and making a difference, Jessica Tonti is uniquely aware of how important esprit de corps can be to a company. So she is appreciative of the overall spirit at Giant Eagle. “It’s a family-run company and that sense of family is part of the culture.  It showsthrough on all levels. Co-workers care about you on a personal level here.” (Jessica’sfull disclosure is that her mother and brother also work for Giant Eagle, but she believes the family feel is true regardless.) Jessica finds that to be true about Pittsburghers in general.“People go out of their way for strangers here. When I travel to other cities Idon’t get that same feeling.” Part of that warmth she attributes to the tight-knit neighborhoods, each with its own unique style.

Jessica lives in Shadyside (with a combination of younger residents, cool new and established restaurants, bars and galleries), but frequents downtown restaurants for happy hours and other events. “I love the lounge at Vallozzi’s; their personal pizzas and martinis are amazing.” She also recommends Meat and Potatoes for brunch and its five-cheese grilled sandwich, tomato soup and absinthe cocktail.

She shares the region’s sports-loving culture and is a huge Pens fan with cats named Crosby and Geno to prove it. She loves getting Pens t-shirts and other memorabilia from family members on her birthday. “The sports mentality here is amazing!”  

She is also a big fan of live music in local venues, especiallyClub Café on the South Side and Mr. Small's in Millvale, and takes advantage of Kayak Pittsburgh’s North Shore base.“Kayaking is a really neat way to see the city. The rivers are so beautiful.”

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