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Haley Daniels

VP of Technology Global Campus Programs
BNY Mellon

Haley DanielsHaley DanielsHaley Daniels


  • Name: Haley Daniels
  • Where I'm From: Atlanta, GA
  • Where I Live: Lawrenceville
  • Education:
    Belmont University, BS Computer Science and Secondary Education
  • Company:
    BNY Mellon

“In Pittsburgh, you can really get to know your neighbors—hearing their stories and passion for the city is what makes Pittsburgh feel interconnected.”

Haley Daniels, a self-proclaimed southern girl, moved to Pittsburgh straight out of college, excited to take a position at BNY Mellon’s Innovation Center. Haley moved here with the expectation that she’d be moving back home in six short months, but three years later, she’s still in Pittsburgh and thoroughly settled into Lawrenceville with her best friend, a Cavachon puppy named Colt.

How is BNY Mellon innovating with technology?

BNY Mellon prioritizes collaboration when it’s directly correlated to innovation. We think the best way to learn together is to take a diverse group of people and have them ideate across disciplines. This process allows us to make sure that the technology, the customer and the business plan work together–representing each perspective from the start.

How does being in Pittsburgh contribute to innovation at BNY Mellon?

I manage our Technology Strategic Sourcing and Employee Engagement team, which is inclusive of our internship programs. CMU and Pitt are really the foundation of the young tech talent in our community and having direct access to that group is one of the advantages of our presence in Pittsburgh. In addition, roughly 33% of staff on the technology team have been at BNY Mellon for more than 15 years; having that institutional knowledge paired with student perspectives allows us to think about challenges in new ways and lends itself to coming up with innovative solutions for our clients.

What are some of the most valuable skills you can have to prepare for a career in technology?

The number one job as a developer is to communicate and write clean code, but having empathy and clear, effective communication – even in an introverted job – is absolutely crucial. BNY Mellon started a program called “Code Collab” to empower staff to communicate and ask for help from their peers. Once a week the Technology Leadership Program, a year-long training program, gets together to work through challenges collectively. These collaborative learning sessions give young talent the opportunity to build communication and team building skills while working on real-time issues. 

What are some of your favorite spots in Pittsburgh?

One of my favorite restaurants is Banh Mi & Ti – the food is great and I love that it’s a women-owned business. My Dad and I also love Gaucho in the Strip District and we think the wait is absolutely worth it! For outdoor fun, one of my favorite places is my neighborhood dog park, Bernard Dog Run. The couple that runs it lives just down the road and Colt and I love to go down and visit. Home