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Cindy Fernandez

Communications Personality- Actor / Former Engineer
Self Employed

Cindy FernandezCindy FernandezCindy FernandezCindy Fernandez


  • Name: Cindy Fernandez
  • Where I'm From: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Where I Live: Scott Township / Los Angeles, Calif.
  • Education:
    New Jersey Institute of Technology, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering University of Pittsburgh, M.S. in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Engineering Management
  • Company:
    Self Employed

At the age of 24, I had an engineering job, owned a house and started a radio show here…where else could you do that?

When Cindy first moved to Pittsburgh as a senior engineer for Westinghouse, she couldn’t find the music she loved on the radio. So she proposed an idea for a Latino music and talk program to Carnegie Mellon University, using some of its open airtime. Even though she had no experience, the university agreed to give her a chance. Today, Cindy not only hosts La Rumba every Thursday night (7-9 p.m., WRCT-FM and online at, she’s turned La Rumba into a company, and has connected Latinos and non-Latinos across the Pittsburgh region and beyond with her vibe. “Wherever you go, leave a grain of salt, make a difference. That’s what I decided to do in Pittsburgh—make a difference here.”

She has taken a new position with Ansaldo STS USA, which develops sophisticated signal hardware and software for trains all over the world, including the T-line that goes from Gateway Center in Downtown, under the Allegheny River and to Heinz Field. As a senior project manager, Cindy  has the opportunity to work with professionals from Italy, India and other countries around the world every day through virtual meetings, and reviews daily e-mails in English, Italian and French.

But Pittsburgh has been the home of great opportunity for her. “At the age of 24, I had an engineering job, owned a house and started a company here…where else could you do that?” She’s fallen in love here, ran the half marathon in the City of Pittsburgh Marathon and loves to dine and dance at the growing number of Latino restaurants and nightclubs here, including Cavo in the Strip.

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