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Vibrant Pittsburgh

People are the next Pittsburgh renaissance.

People are the next Pittsburgh renaissance. And Vibrant Pittsburgh is here to lead the way through effective collaboration, inclusion and diversity.

Vibrant Pittsburgh's goals and initiatives include...

Attract diverse talent: With thousands of job and career opportunities available in the Pittsburgh region, many employers need help developing a diverse workforce. Meanwhile diverse talent in and outside of the region needs support to connecting to opportunities here. Pittsburgh is a place of opportunity and we at Vibrant Pittsburgh are committed to bringing the best talent on earth to our region. This why we work with human resource departments, corporate recruiters, professional organizations and nonprofits in Pittsburgh to connect them to exceptional diverse talent , whether they are already in the region or considering a move, to create a more diverse and inclusive, economically competitive Pittsburgh region.

Welcome newcomers: Attracting a vibrant workforce is one thing; making them feel at home is another. Vibrant Pittsburgh is committed to creating a welcoming environment and making the social connections that allow newcomers to comfortably put down the roots that ensure they stay and flourish in our region. The Vibrant Pittsburgh's Welcome Center is located at our office in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh and provides free referral services to connect newcomers to a broad range of resources, including diverse professional and cultural programs and organizations.

Create a more inclusive region: Inclusion is key to RETENTION, cultural vitality and economic growth. Our goal is to mobilize and elevate the diverse community groups and facilitate connections that will foster a more inclusive region and more diverse workforce.

Energize the region: Vibrant Pittsburgh is a catalyst for positive change in and around the region. We are committed to elevating our existing workforce, as well as attracting and retaining new talent. Our region's most committed employers are joining with us to  ensure our communities and workplaces distinguish the Pittsburgh region as a place where people of all backgrounds can build a career and thrive.

In addition to our initiatives, Vibrant Pittsburgh provides accompanying online resources to help welcome, educate and connect both newcomers and residents of Pittsburgh. If you're interested in moving to or expanding your presence in Pittsburgh, check out these links:

•    Our comprehensive Pittsburgh Guide for Diverse Newcomers highlights the region's offerings and identifies key resources and services that diverse newcomers and their families can us to navigate the Pittsburgh region.

•    With our online search tool, Vibrant Pittsburgh helps grow the visibility of Pittsburgh's diverse communities and facilitates connections between diverse communities, newcomers, and the general public.

•    Throughout the year, we organize a number of welcome and networking events such as city-wide Dine Arounds (in collaboration with Pop City and the World Affairs Council) for newcomers, diverse professionals and community members.

Follow Vibrant Pittsburgh on TwitterFacebookLinkedInGoogle+ and YouTube for information and events in the Pittsburgh community. Contact us at to reach our Welcome Center and to sign up for our Jobs Bulletin, newsletter or other announcements.

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