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Ujamaa Collective Boutique

The Ujamaa Collective is a non-profit organization of women of African descent who are entrepreneurs, artisans, artists and individuals who are committed to serving their community through leadership. Through Ujamaa, artisans have an economic outlet for their work, micro-enterprises have the support to grow, customers gain access to locally-produced items, and Pittsburgh has a regional destination to draw customers and visitors to the Historic Hill District. Utilizing a mixed model of entrepreneurship training, creative financing, marketplace establishment and cooperative establishment and cooperative business practices, Ujamaa assists in filling the gap for African American women in economics, education and opportunity.  

Endorsed by Kelly Parker.

Meet the Neighbors

Kerianne Mamula
IUOE Local 66

"You’re not sitting in an office; you’re building America.”

Ujamaa Collective Boutique
1901 Centre Ave
, PA 15219