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Three Rivers Film Festival

Nov. 8-13, 2013

Three Rivers Film Festival is the oldest and largest annual film festival in the region, with its own unique personality. Many other film festivals have emerged since 1982, each with their own target audience. But the Three Rivers Film Festival is a celebration of all the things that “film” can be – and there's a little something for everyone. Presented by Pittsburgh Filmmakers and Dollar Bank, it typically features more than 50 films: independent American cinema, sneak peeks of big fall releases, new documentaries, restored classics, shorts and critically-acclaimed international films. There are visiting filmmakers, informal discussions, live music events and more. The venues are the Harris Theater, the Melwood Screening Room, and the Regent Square Theater. 

Meet the Neighbors

Nuno Ferreira
Elliott Group

“People here are friendly and generous as soon as you meet them.”

Three Rivers Film Festival
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