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The Strip District

The Strip District is a narrow neighborhood confined on by Allegheny River, the slopes up to the Hill District and Polish Hill and 11th and 33rd streets. Industrial development flourished in the 19th century given proximity to both the river and rail lines. Produce merchants began relocating there from downtown in the early 20th century. Today The Strip is brimming with character and energy, especially on weekends when locals from all ethnic and socioeconomic classes flock to the produce stands, meat, cheese and spice purveyors, flower vendors, chocolatiers, biscotti makers, diners and more. Along the fringes, warehouses and factories from decades past have been converted into lofts, yoga studios and hip offices. With authentic Pittsburgh grit and refreshingly little self-conscious branding, the Strip is thriving locale for original restaurants, art galleries, kitchen and restaurant supply shops, upholsters, vendors selling everything from essential oils to sports team gear to made-to-order gyros, tacos and Vietnamese pancakes.The Strip is also home to such destinations as Wholey's Fish Market, the original Primanti Bros.Restaurant, St. Stanislaus Kotska Church, the Iron Workers training center, the Society for Contemporary Craft and the Heinz History Center and Sports Museum. After dark, nightclubs and concert venues pump throbbing music into the night.

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