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The Children's Museum

The Pittsburgh Children's Museum sits in the Allegheny Commons in Pittsburgh's North Side neighborhood. It is a favorite destination for families with young children who want to give them a chance to learn, explore, interact, and have a blast all at the same time. The museum features eleven engaging exhibits that have many surprises in store for adventurous kids. The exhibits include Clifford the Big Red Dog, The Attic, Garage, MAKESHOP, Nursery, Studio, Theater, Waterplay, Backyard, Garden, and Fred Rogers & Us. Each one of these exhibits is unique and engages children in different and exciting ways.

In the Attic, kids can navigate the gravity room where a changing floor plan gives them a sensation of being weightless, they can capture their shadow on the wall of the Photophorescent Room, and uncover hidden treasures in the Cabinet of Curiosities among many other things! In the Garage children can roll up their sleeves and interact with things that drive, fly, and roll to gain a better understanding of how things move. In the Waterplay exhibit kids can explore water as they pump, move, channel and dam it, and experience rain, spray and frozen water in nearly 20 different new exhibit components.  They can have fun with hands-on activities highlighting water texture, flow, reflection and tension, and learn about the principles of buoyancy, hydraulics and conservation.

To learn more about the Children's Museum and the other exhibits, visit the website and schedule a visit. 

Meet the Neighbors

T.J. Crawford

“We can really see a difference in the quality of the schools here. Our kids do more in a day than they did in a week before.”

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