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Street Art in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is an artist’s haven: home of Andy Warhol and the pop-art movement, the city now brings to light a new craft: street art. Don’t think of tags and swear words, but murals and artful graffiti. Having gained social acceptability, street art is a cultural movement that has been featured in museum exhibits as well as advertisements. 

Pittsburgh has an abundance of street art, made traceable by PGH Murals. The collection includes work by Tim Kaulen, one of the most popular street artists to form a career. His works were some of the city’s earliest pieces of urban art, including The Workers, and now he works under commission. 

Street art can be found in Lawrenceville, Oakland, Uptown and Wilkinsburg, just to name a few. If you’re committed, you can take a walking tour through each borough, or just check out some of these favorites. ImaginePittsburgh neighbor Kyle Holbrook’s graffiti-style mural, Wilkinzburg, is located in, well, Wilkinsburg. Street artist Jeremy Raymer’s work can be seen in Lawrenceville’s gallery on 35th and 42nd street. If you’re looking to get a bit hands-on, visit and contribute to the Locks of Love feature on Oakland’s Schenley Park Bridge.  

Read about Pittsburgh’s best street art as written by Leah Lizarondo for NEXTPittsburgh.

Meet the Neighbors

Ian Rosenberger
Thread International

"Thread has gone from an idea in Pittsburgh to a company employing people around the world.”

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