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Steel City Roadrunners

The Steel City Road Runners is the ultimate organization for all things running related in the Pittsburgh region. Located on River Avenue on the North Shore, its a resources for those new to running and veterans alike: meet other runners, improve running times, learn new training techniques and more.

SCRR is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting running as a competitive sport and healthy exercise in Southwestern Pennsylvania. SCRR motivates and engages runners, running groups and events by providing comprehensive benefits, training and resources to the community. The runners meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45 p.m. for routes around the city; they're a perfect fit for anyone who works downtown or in the surrounding area to relieve some stress after a hard day's work. Drinks and snacks are provided after each run and certified coaches are always on hand if anyone ever needs assistance. SCRR has many fun and challenging runs and events scheduled for its members.  

Meet the Neighbors

Sylvana Bonner
FedEx Ground

“Our kids are in top-notch schools. I have a great job with smart people. You can make a good life in Pittsburgh.”

Steel City Roadrunners
810 River Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212