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Square Cafe

This innovative cafe serves the best seasonal menu items with fresh local products in the heart of the Pittsburgh's East End neighborhood of Regent Square. Square Cafe is a fantastic meeting place for friends and family. They're a cheerful cafe that welcomes all guests with open arms and a warm heart. People with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets can all be deliciously accommodated at Square Café and the friendly staff will do their best to ensure that every palette is satisfied. Square Cafe is dedicated to local talent as well as to the community, and they partner with many local nonprofits on fundraisers, special events, and promotions. Their cafe also serves as a gallery showcasing local artists. In addition, they provide catering services for parties big or small, so think of them for your upcoming special events! 

Meet the Neighbors

Noah Shaltes
PJ Dick-Trumbull-Lindy Paving

“I really do love the people, the pace of life and the rural environment.”

Square Cafe
1137 S Braddock Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA, PA 15218