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Spice Island Tea House

Spice Island Tea House is dedicated to providing Oakland with the flavors of South East Asia. The restaurant boasts an “eclectic selection of beer, wine and exotic teas,” and is regarded by locals as a hole in the wall. If eating in, servers will gladly offer entrée recommendations, or Spice Island offers a delivery service.  

Endorsed by Michael Ockree: “You don't expect much when you approach it from the outside, but the food is really good. The Pad Thai is my favorite - it's not too spicy and has a unique orange color to it.”

Endorsed by Ernest Ngirimana: “It's not much from the outside but the food is quite good. My favorite dishes are the Panang curry chicken and Java fried rice.”

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Ian Rosenberger
Thread International

"Thread has gone from an idea in Pittsburgh to a company employing people around the world.”

Spice Island Tea House
253 Atwood St
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
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