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South Side

A leisurely stroll down East Carson Street in the South Side will reveal every breed of urban dweller known to man. Throngs of artistic bohemians mill about through crowds of affluent professionals, punk rockers, families, college students, bikers and everyone in between. Pittsburgh's South Side is an eclectic, dynamic and exciting place in which to live, work and play. South Side is hip and urban, funky and gritty, cultured and diverse, and richly historic. East Carson Street is South Side's main commercial thoroughfare, and America's longest business Victorian National Historic District. Here, vintage clothing stores, book stores, small art galleries, unique specialty shops, cozy night spots, clubs and coffee bars sit side by side and offer plenty of day and endless evening fun. The South Side is actually comprised of two linked neighborhoods: the South Side Flats, in which much of the excitement and bustle is located, and the South Side Slopes, which rise up toward Allentown and Mount Washington via winding streets. The Slopes are connected to the Flats through a networks of staircases -- many of which have street names and appear on city maps. Climbing these steep byways is rewarding, however, with spectacular views of the city to enjoy.

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