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Soundcat Records

Previously known as Paul's, Soundcat Records is located in Bloomfield on Liberty Avenue. Locals in the area love that Soundcat is in their neighborhood because it brings creativity and a fantastic hub of music to their doorstep. It's a small place but is very densely packed with awesome finds. Soundcat features CDs and vinyl from an impressive range of music, most of which isn't mainstream. The staff is super friendly and endlessly knowledgeable so feel free to ask them lots of questions. If a customer isn't able to find a CD or record they're looking for, the staff at Soundact is always happy to order it for them. They also carry MOJO and Uncut magazines from the UK and have them available for their customers about a month before they're available anywhere else in Pittsburgh.

Meet the Neighbors

Nelson Chipman
Point Park University

“My job is to help students find and craft their voice.”

Soundcat Records
4526 Liberty Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA, PA 15224