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Making the Experience Matter

Be a part of our pioneering team. Grow with Shell.

Pioneers Who Believe in Community Involvement

For Shell Polymers, believing in community means being an active part of the local infrastructure and supporting projects and activities that are important to its members.

Our facility will support the local Beaver County economy, directly leading to 600 full-time jobs at the complex and employing an estimated 6,000 construction workers during the plant build.

In addition to growing the economy and the job market, we are showing our commitment to the people in the community through local volunteer activities and contributions, such as providing holiday gifts and cheer to 50 local children. 

Pioneers Who Believe in Education

Shell Polymers has made a significant social investment in local educational systems to create a drum beat of renewed excitement in manufacturing.

Shell Polymers has brought engineers to schools to provide exposure to future career opportunities, and has also made significant donations to local STEM programs, including the full development of a STEM lab at a local school.

Pioneers Who Believe in Environment

Shell believes in caring not only for the people of the Monaca Community, but also in caring for the region and the environment. At the core of this is a dedication to maintaining strict environmental standards to keep the air and water clean.

The site of our new facility, formerly a zinc factory, has been reclaimed to environmental standards established by the State. We have taken additional steps to lower our environmental impact and to minimize the effects of our presence on the local aesthetic.

Shell Polymers is building a team of diverse and passionate industry pioneers who believe in putting people first. Combined with a new facility, innovative tools, and the backing of Royal Dutch Shell, Shell Polymers is equipped to offer you unrivaled career opportunities.

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"New arrivals to Pittsburgh are always impressed by the people and how hardworking we are as a region."

Jessica Costa
Integrated Activity Planner

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