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Roustabout Pusher, Roustabout Hand, Oil Field Roustabout, Rig Hand, Roustabout Crew Leader, Roustabout Crew Pusher, Production Roustabout, Galley Hand

Average Salary: Entry level: $20,800-$23,920  Experienced:  $29,120-$39,520

Education/Training Required: High-school diploma or equivalent; Industry Certification program 

Jobs Available: 723 new jobs expected through 2018

Energy Industries: Gas


Roustabouts assemble or repair oil field equipment using hand and power tools. They also perform other tasks as needed, including:

  • Keeping pipe deck and main deck areas clean and orderly
  • Performing maintenance on the wells and pipelines; Unscrewing and tightening pipes, casing, tubing, and pump rods, using hand and power wrenches and tongs
  • Walking flow lines to locate leaks, using electronic detectors and by making visual inspections; repairing the leaks
  • Installing line heaters and sand traps on new wells; Assisting the well pumper
  • Moving pipes to and from trucks, using truck winches and motorized lifts, or manually
  • Ensuring compliance with safety procedures    

Work Environment and Keys for Success ·        

  • Work outdoors in all kinds of weather as part of a team
  • Heavy lifting required
  • Hard working and dependable
  • Mechanically inclined
  • Physically fit 
  • Fast learner 
  • Safety conscious  

Typical Schedule

  • Shift work with 14 days on, 14 days off 
  • 12 hours a day 
  • Overtime required  

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