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Riverfront Park Amphitheater

Located on a former brownfield site along the Ohio River, the Rivers Casino Riverfront Park opened in 2009, featuring pathways that extend the Three Rivers Heritage Trail System to more than 25 miles. The central feature is a grass step amphitheater, where the river forms a backdrop for outdoor performances and gatherings. An array of plantings, including native wildflowers and grasses, help to prevent erosion. 

The project required the Joseph B. Fay Company, an i+iconUSA subsidiary, to clear the river bank; demolish an existing concrete and steel dock structure and concrete floodwall; mass excavate, fill and contour the site; install a cantilevered sheet pile wall system with tie-backs; install mooring structures; install a reinforced concrete retaining wall system; place exposed aggregate concrete amphitheater stage, stairs and esplanade ramp; install new amphitheater with sandstone block seating; dredge the river adjacent to the amphitheater stage for the Majestic Star Charter; and perform river mitigation.

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Jessica Costa
Integrated Activity Planner

"New arrivals to Pittsburgh are always impressed by the people and how hardworking we are as a region."

Riverfront Park Amphitheater

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