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Property, Real Estate and Community Association Managers (Landman)

Landman, Property Manager, Lease Administration Supervisor, Leasing Manager

Average Salary: Entry level--$46,640  Experienced--$88,860

Education/TrainingRequired: Most positions require an Associate's Degree

Jobs Available: 140-250

Energy Industries: Coal, Gas

Property Managers, often known as ‘Landmen,' are involved in the purchase or leasing and improvement of properties for the extraction and distribution of oil and gas. They interact with landowners, engineers,geologists, and public officials to develop purchase and use agreements.  The growth of the oil and gas industry insouthwestern Pennsylvania has increased demand for these positions.  Jim Stout is a Regional Land Supervisor for EQT Corporation,an integrated energy company with emphasis on Appalachian area natural gas production,gathering, and transmission. He got into the energy business by way of the real estate business.  “Gas and oil rights are ‘real property' and understanding the contracts and agreements that are used in the real estatesector helped to aid my transition to oil and gas,” he says.  His advice for those considering a career switch, or just starting out?  “Gaining some real-world experience can be helpful before going after an in-house job with a gas company.  Attending a PetroleumResource Management program at an accredited university, as well as working in the field for a “land broker” (a company that provides land services to gas companies) are  ways to help get your foot in the door.” 

Responsibilities ·        

  • Manage and oversee operations, maintenance, administration, and improvement of commercial or industrial properties.
  • Negotiate the sale, lease, or development of property and complete or review appropriate documents and forms.
  • Maintain records of sales, rental or usage activity, special permits issued and property availability.
  • Prepare detailed budgets and financial reports for properties.
  • In senior roles, coordinate and distribute work assignments for field staff and contract personnel for lease acquisitions.  

Critical Knowledge ·        

  • Sales and Marketing - Marketing strategy and tactics, product demonstrations, sales techniques, and sales control systems.
  • Customer and Personal Service - Customer needs assessment and fulfillment, evaluation of customer satisfaction.
  • Administration and Management - Business and management principles involved in planning and resource allocation.
  • Mathematics - Arithmetic, algebra, calculus, statistics, and their applications.
  • Economics and Accounting - Economic and accounting principles and practices, banking, and the analysis and reporting of financial data.   

Tools and Technology ·        
Two-way radios
Accounting software, spreadsheets
Database query software specific to land/lease management  

 “At the end of the day, it's very satisfying to see all of these moving parts come together to develop an abundant, clean burning natural resource that can help sustain America's energy future.” Jim Stout, Regional Land Supervisor, EQT Corporation

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