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Pittsburgh Public Schools

The Pathway to the Promise

Formed in 1911, the Pittsburgh Public Schools is educating more than 26,000 students from early childhood programs to 12th grade. Its 1,900 teachers – as well as administrators and staff -- are dedicated to accelerating student achievement, eliminate racial disparities and becoming a district of first choice.

Assisting in that mission is the Pittsburgh Promise, an innovative a scholarship program in which graduates of Pittsburgh Public Schools may earn up to $40,000 for college if they maintain at least 90 percent attendance and at least a 2.5 GPA. Districts with the smallest achievement gaps include Pittsburgh Dilworth PreK-5, East Liberty; Fulton PreK-5 Highland Park; Liberty K-5, Shadyside; Pittsburgh School for Creative and Performing Arts 6-12, Downtown; and Obama 6-12, Shadyside. Enrollment has fallen given the emergence of charter schools in the city, with 307 students, or 9.5 percent, to 3,551 at 20 charter and cyber charter schools in fall 2013.

The district reports its demographic makeup as 53.76 percent African American, 33.67 percent white, 6.76 percent multiracial, 3.55 percent Asian, 2.06 percent Hispanic, 0.17 percent American Indian and 0.04 percent Pacific Islander.

The district's most recent State of the Schools Report may be found here.

Meet the Neighbors

Melinda Angeles
Systems Engineer GIS

“Pittsburgh has an extensive trail network, and the flexibility of biking to work is a huge plus from a sustainability and quality of life perspective.”

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