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Ormsby Recreation Center

Ormsby Recreation Center / Playground is a park, playground and sports complex located at South 22nd Street, a block from East Carson Street and adjacent to the South Side branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and Ormsby Recreation Center. The park is named in honor of Irish immigrant John Ormsby (1720-1805), who is called the “father” or “founder” of the South Side. Ormsby Park was created in the early 1900s. The Ormsby Recreation Center was built by the City of Pittsburgh in 1939 as a Works Progress Administration project. The beautiful building it is located in is a great example of Pittsburgh's fascinating mixture of eclectic architecture.

Meet the Neighbors

Jason Dille

“In southwestern PA, I can be on the cutting edge of digital media during the week, and casting my fly rod or rock climbing on the weekends. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Ormsby Recreation Center
79 S 22nd St.
Pittsburgh, PA, PA 15203

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