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As the academic and healthcare center of Pittsburgh, Oakland is a perpetual hub of excitement and activity. It's also arguably Pittsburgh's most ethnically diverse neighborhood. Prestigious universities and museums, world-class hospitals, grand architecture, quaint coffee shops, international cuisine and specialty shops create hustle and bustle. Fifth and Forbes Avenues traverse the neighborhood and all along these main thoroughfares you can find students from the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon and Carlow universities rushing to their next class, professors strolling between lectures, businesswomen and men attending a conference or grabbing a quick lunch , nurses and doctors from UPMC on a much-needed break, concerts in Schenley Plaza, locals of seemingly every ethnic background in the city and of course, tourists. Oakland is also home to the jaw-dropping Cathedral of Learning, the main branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Schenley Park, the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History, the Peterson Events Center and several branches of UPMC including Presbyterian and Montefiore hospitals. If you are planning a quiet picnic in the park, an evening of gripping drama and music, a night out to see an ACC basketball game or if you are searching for that Picasso masterpiece, Oakland has it. 

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