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Integrated marketing communications and game-changing business solutions.

Working at MARC USA, Pittsburgh's largest marketing communications firm and one of the top 10 independent agencies in the nation, is a true team sport. MARC USA was one of the first in the industry to create cross-discipline teams, and collaboration is the rule. There are few walls as team members work together in a wide-open environment where ideas literally bounce from cube to cube.

“By working in an integrated agency, you have the opportunity to learn from so many people in so many disciplines,” says Caroline Bovalino, PR account executive. “You can be creative whatever your title or discipline.” Interactive program manager Courtney Abrams echoes the feeling. “It's really a fast-paced, fun, learning environment. I've learned more here in 10 months than in the previous five years. I can create ‘I did that' work that I'm proud to share with my family and friends.”

Julie Plake, PR account supervisor, is a New Yorker who was initially apprehensive about moving to a smaller market. The decision was the right one, she says. “When I left my job in NYC, I was afraid I wouldn't find a place as creative and fast-paced in Pittsburgh. I found it here at MARC.”

Our vision is to consistently deliver results for our clients through game-changing strategies fueled by creativity and technology. From helping to develop the Big Mac to the first use of iPads in the drug store aisle to pioneering applications of neuroscience and behavioral economics that create powerful emotional connections to brands, we help our clients stand out from their competition.

Perhaps President and CEO Michele Fabrizi sums up life at MARC USA the best, “Our philosophy is ‘no limits!'” Fabrizi says. “It refers to what each individual can do, what we do as a company and what we do for our clients.”

“We can really see a difference in the quality of the schools here. Our kids do more in a day than they did in a week before.”

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