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Legume has established itself as one of Pittsburgh's top farm-to-table restaurants. Chef and co-owner Trevett Hooper, a 2013 James Beard semi-finalist for Best Chef – Mid-Atlantic, successfully delivers high-quality dishes. In 2012, Legume reinvented its connected bar, officially naming it Butterjoint; a masonry term referring to precision. Butterjoint's casual menu features burgers made from local beef and the ever-popular housemade pierogies. In the main dining room, the menu emphasizes carefully selected ingredients with a light touch. The pâtés, salads, risottos and meat dishes are popular choices. Pastry Chef Amanda Barbano still delivers the house favorite chocolate truffle cake while also exploring with creations of her own. The wine list continues to grow and the cocktails are spot-on.

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214 N. Craig St.
Pittsburgh, PA, PA 15213
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