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La Feria

La Feria is two things, a restaurant serving mainly Peruvian cuisine, and a shop/ gallery selling Peruvian clothing and folk art. They opened in 1993 as a joint venture between Pamela Cohen of Pamela's Restaurants and Peruvian Luisa Porras. La Feria offers healthy comfort food prepared with fresh, local ingredients as well as spices, herbs and aji peppers imported from Peru. All of their dishes are either traditional Peruvian fare or fusion. Their goal is to preserve the quality and tradition of Peruvian folk art by providing a market in the US. In fact, they travel to Peru regularly and personally select each piece of art themselves.

Meet the Neighbors

Nicole Carfang
Duquesne University

“It’s not six degrees of separation in Pittsburgh; it’s two or three. You feel connected to the region and its people.”

La Feria
5527 Walnut St.
Pittsburgh, PA, PA 15232