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Jewish Community Center

Located on the corner of Forbes and Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill, the Jewish Community Center, or JCC, of Greater Pittsburgh's mission is to enrich our community by creating an environment that strengthens the physical, intellectual and spiritual well-being of individuals and families. They seek to advance their vision of an exemplary, thriving, engaged community rooted in Jewish values. Among the core values of the JCC are: to a gateway to experience the richness of Jewish tradition and community, to welcome all Jews no matter where or whether they worship, whatever their age or life style, to foster meaningful connections to the land and people of Israel and the Jewish community worldwide, to promote active collaborations to build lasting Jewish commitment and memories, to welcome individuals of all backgrounds, embracing their uniqueness and diversity under their communal tent and to maximize accessibility of services for people of all means and abilities.

Meet the Neighbors

Cindy Fernandez
Self Employed

At the age of 24, I had an engineering job, owned a house and started a radio show here.

Jewish Community Center
5738 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA, PA 15217