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Carnegie Science Center's Highmark SportsWorks® aims to inspire learning and curiosity by uniting the experience of sports for every age level with the laws of science that control sports through nearly 30 interactive experiences in three thematic areas: LifeWorks, Physics of Sports and Sports Challenge.

LifeWorks conveys the fundamental science of, and latest information on, the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. Choose from different snacks and compare how long it takes to burn off the calories of each while pedaling a hand cycle at Calorie Cycle. Peer inside the human body using X-ray, CT and MRI scans with innovative touch-screen technology in the BodyScan exhibit.Go on a wild simulator ride into the human body with Body Cam, where you will explore cutting-edge surgical techniques.

In Physics of Sports, visitors put their inner daredevil to the test. Become a human yo-yo at an exhibit that demonstrates the principle of potential and kinetic energy. Scale a 25-foot Rock Wall. Get fastened into a bungee harness and do some high-flying tricks. Pedal a unicycle high above the exhibit gallery. Adjust your center of gravity to "hang 10" on Skateboard Stability.

In Sports Challenge, compare your time against that of Olympic silver medalist and local track star Lauryn Williams in Olympic Sprint. Test your reaction speed against an ice hockey goalie at Reaction Time Hockey .See just how fast your fastball is in a radar-equipped Pitching Cage. 

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