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Girasole is a delightfully cozy Italian restaurant in the heart of Shadyside right off of Walnut Street. The service is speedy and friendly, and the owner is usually seen making his rounds around the dining room, chatting with the guests and ensuring their food is prepared to their satisfaction. The menu is seasonal, with a different selection of fantastic dishes for each of the four seasons. People love the housemade ravioli and the house salad that comes with all the meals: garden greens, gorgonzola cheese, sunflower seeds and balsamic vinaigrette; a simple but very tasty start to the Girasole experience. This tiny restaurant fills up very quickly so it wouldn't hurt to make a reservation!

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Michele Margittai

"There’s a river of energy here in the city. Every day when I step outside, I’m re-invigorated by it all."

733 Copeland St.
Pittsburgh, PA, PA 15232
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