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Ginza is committed to serving authentic, upscale Japanese cuisine to Pittsburgh families and foodies. In a class of its own, Ginza has mastered the perfect blend of high quality cuisine that is also simple and fresh – and the restaurant is refreshingly unassuming in atmosphere, price, and location (it caters to Pennsylvanians from the heart of urban Bloomfield). At Ginza, patrons will find a menu stocked with traditional Japanese elements like yellowtail, eel, snapper, and scallop sushi handcrafted to order with strict adherence to authenticity. Also found here are unique dishes influenced by international cuisines. Fresh ingredients like mangoes, avocados, sweet potatoes, honey, chilies, and even a little bit of Pennsylvania pride are tossed in to keep sushi skeptics coming back for more.

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Nuno Ferreira
Elliott Group

“People here are friendly and generous as soon as you meet them.”

4734 Liberty Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA, PA 15224
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