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Friends of the Riverfront

The mission of Friends of the Riverfront is to increase awareness and engagement with the Pittsburgh region's rivers and riverfronts through activities, stewardship, and expansion of water and land trails. They are a pioneering organization that has been involved in creating nearly all of the trails one sees as they bike, hike, rollerblade or paddle along Pittsburgh's beautiful shores.

Through Friends of the Riverfront's intense collaboration with community partners, government officials, and diverse volunteer base, Pittsburgh's rivers and riverfronts have been transformed from industrial wastelands to international examples of environmental renewal. By helping to reclaim Pittsburgh's riverfronts, Friends of the Riverfront have given the public access to unlimited recreation and have substantially improved the quality of life in Pittsburgh.

Meet the Neighbors

Sarah Arimoto-Mercer
Duquesne University School of Law

"Here I can live in the country, but be within half an hour of my job in the city."

Friends of the Riverfront
33 Terminal Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15219