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Copacetic Comics

The Copacetic Comics Company is located in the heart of Polish Hill on Dobson Street. This shop is especially unique in that it sells many different forms of the comic art including original comic books and graphic novels as well as small-press and self-published works. The store also features a curated collection of contemporary and classic literature, non-fiction, poetry and books of art, as well as a wide range of music on CD - from classical to punk, with an emphasis on jazz - and movies on DVD - with a focus on foreign films. The majority of items sold are discounted; most items are discounted 10% - 20%, but there are special sale areas where items are discounted up to 40% - 80%. This shop is a great place to visit and explore if one enjoys paging through comics and appreciating them as a timeless American art form.

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Abby Bolton

“If you have a great idea – from an arts initiative to startup business – you can access the community and financial support to make it happen in Pittsburgh.”

Copacetic Comics
3138 Dobson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219