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Cathedral of Learning

The Nationality Rooms are decked out in their traditional winter holiday finery through Jan. 17, 2015. Learn about tours here

Designed by Philadelphia architect Charles Zeller Klauder, the Cathedral of Learning was the world's tallest educational building at the time it was completed in 1937. Now, it is surpassed only by the tower of Russia's Moscow State University. Originally planning a 52-story structure, it sits on part of a 14-acre parcel of land known as Frick Acres, donated to the University of PIttsburgh by Andrew W. Mellon and his brother, Richard B. Mellon. Today, the Cathedral of Learning is home to the magnificent three-story Commons Room on its ground level, the internationally renowned Nationality Rooms, which are active classrooms, administrative and faculty offices, libraries, a computer center and a restaurant.

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"I tell newcomers from other countries; ‘Ask Pittsburghers to coffee. Don’t wait to be asked.

Cathedral of Learning
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