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Big Idea Cooperative Bookstore and Cafe

The Big Idea Cooperative Bookstore and Café is a worker-owned and operated cooperative dedicated to the promotion of radical/alternative cultures through community networking and the distribution of literature. Their aim is to create a safe and accepting place where people can access an open and empowering community. As they actively support politics and lifestyles deemed as alternative, multi-cultural, woman-positive, queer-positive and class-conscious, they are simultaneously promoting a sustainable community. The Big idea specializes in radical and progressive literature that is difficult to find in Pittsburgh with a focus on progressive politics, independent publishing and culture, queer politics, feminism, labor, ecology, racial politics, history, sustainability and cooperation. In addition to distributing free literature pertaining to community organizations, events and projects, the Big Idea carries patches, stickers, posters, locally made bags, t-shirts and music. They also have an in-house café serving treats from local, organic, seasonal, fair-trade, or sustainable sources whenever possible.

Meet the Neighbors

Robert Littles
Director of Projects, Rolls Royce

“Knowledge, information and foresight are so critical to making good decisions and we have a lot of smart, innovative people and great resources coalescing here in Pittsburgh.”

Big Idea Cooperative Bookstore and Cafe
4812 Liberty Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA, PA 15224
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