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Beehive Coffeehouse

Located inthe heart of Pittsburgh’s South Side, the Beehive coffeehouse invites you infor a warm cup of coffee, possibly with Kahlua. The Beehive continues to offer a great escape with its unique ambiance, and a few new additions such as coffee liquer cocktails and an expanded food menu.

The Beehive has been a keystone character for Pittsburgh’s eclectic creative crowd since 1991. Nestled amongst more than 40 bars and clubs within 10 blocks the Beehive offers a creative stop on the stomping grounds of South Side’s trendy streets. Though the Southside’s Beehive offers sandwiches and pastries, there is also an array of local eats only blocks away. 

Meet the Neighbors

Carla Leininger
PPG Industries

"Pittsburgh is rich in organizations that work together to make the region even more culturally diverse and stimulating.”

Beehive Coffeehouse
1327 E. Carson St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203