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Armstrong County

County Seat: Kittaning

Armstrong County, located amid the rolling hills of southwestern Pennsylvania and bisected by the Allegheny River, is a region where early American history shakes hands with a promising future. As of 2010 its 68,941.

Armstrong County is home to the city of Parker, an oil boom town with a population of 20,000 in 1873, now known "Smallest City in America" with a population of less tan 800. Iron manufactuing was pioneered west of the Allegheny Mountains at Brady's Bend, while Ford City is the birthplace of the company that later became Pittsburgh Plate Glass (now part of PPG industries.) Leechburg -- with was the first place in the United States to use natural gas for metallurgical purposes

Armstrong County boasts many natural resources including of coal, timber, oil, and natural gas. Situated in the heart of the eastern Marcellus Shale field, the county is experiencing a boom in natural gas production. Additionally, it is home to an emerging electro-optic field of science and technology, developing products for the Department of Defense and U.S. industry.

Delaware Indians first established their principle town of Kit-Han-Ne in the 1730s at present day Kittanning, the county seat. During the French and Indian War (1754-1763), colonial troops under Lt. Col. John Armstrong destroyed the village in reprisal for Indian raids east of the Allegheny Mountains. The Allegheny River (called “La Belle” River by French explorers in the 1680s) has served as Armstrong County's “highway” to the outside world, starting with Pittsburgh 40 miles to the south. The river and its tributaries have served more than 300 years of recorded commerce from French and English traders to an occasional barge load of coal seen today heading to factories and power stations downriver.

Visitors and locals alike enjoy a range of outdoor activities including golf, fishing, hunting, canoeing, hiking, biking and more.

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