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Altar Bar

The Altar Bar is an edgy and intimate concert venue in Pittsburgh's Strip District. The space was originally the beautiful old St. Elizabeth Church, hence the name Altar Bar. It sprawls out over three floors, creating an open air atmosphere with great acoustics. Fit for a comfortable 650 person capacity, the venue also features two full-stocked bars and a VIP lounge. They have consistently hosted many notable and unique musicians that draw in the crowds making for a jam-packed night ending with great memories and temporary hearing loss. Altar Bar is committed to resurrecting the live music scene in Pittsburgh, and delivering great live shows; no matter the fame and money, or lack thereof, the performers have to their name. In just five short years, the Altar Bar has become a staple venue in the live music sphere; delivering fresh and exciting shows to the fans who crave it.

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Josh Stewart
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"Pittsburgh is a place where diversity is welcome and my contributions are valued."

Altar Bar
1620 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
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